Sunday, December 27, 2009

LDizzy Neko Kit

Last release of 2009.

Neko kit contents:

- 3 pairs of sculpt ears
- 1 tail with bow (modify)
- 1 Neko eyes - grey color

Available at
* LDizzy Main shop in SL

and at OSgrid General Store (freebie)

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays from Syd and Dianna :)









a Happy New Year !

- Honey, we need to take a picture for the holiday´s card.
- Uh ? Do I have to stand up?
- Naahh...

Monday, December 21, 2009

LDizzy Basket of Freebies - Rio Summer Bikinis @ OSGrid

Today two more freebies releases for the OSGrid. Rio Summer bikini Ipanema and Costa Azul.

The sculpt basket is the content box and a bonus to use as decoration as well. I just made it playing with Sculptpaint.

Available at my store at the OSGrid page or at the inworld shop - LDizzy East - when the regions are on :)

Stay Pretty !

Thursday, December 17, 2009

LDizzy Freebies Bag for OSgrid

I have a new home. Now at the OSgrid, where I can have my own region running in my computer without fees and completely property of my creations.

(The LDizzy Main Store will be in SL until the LL Commerce Team allows it without having to kiss their butts)

This is the first freebies I made for the OSgrid users. I could not find too much products for nekos, so I will make some and release for the community.

If you dont have an account at the OSgrid, you can register one here (and save your avatar name) just go to my General Store page there and get a copy (you need to be logged in the site). The bag will be in your inventory at the "My Received Items" folder.

This bag of freebies has 3 colors of kitten eyes: Bluish, Greenish and Grayish :)

Stay Pretty !

Ps: If you just enjoy creating and is not a "serious greed merchant" you can help the community there also, check this out!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

LDizzy only product @ XStreetSL

* DUE TO THE NEW XstreetSL Commerce Team policies - charging for a listing fee on top of the sales commission - we are offering our products inworld at the Main Shop since Nov 2009 *

LDizzy 7 Day Giftcard Certificate

To be given away as a gift for birthday, rezz-day, wedding, anniversary or any other special occasion.
If you dont know what to buy for that special lady, the LDizzy Gift card is perfect! Let her choose and have fun shopping in our main store :)

Click the links to see a slide show with the outfits options that you can buy using this gift card:

LDizzy Formal and Business

LDizzy Spring and Summer

LDizzy Fall and Winter

LDizzy Rockabilly

LDizzy Hairs

LDizzy Products and Price List

Make sure you find some time inworld to make us a visit :D

Other values options.
LDizzy 7 Day GiftCard - L$750
LDizzy 7 Day GiftCard - L$500
LDizzy 7 Day GiftCard - L$250

The LDizzy Gift Cards expires in 7 days after wear as a hud or rezzed in world.

This product can be transferred as a gift.*

Join the LDizzy group group or touch the subscribers at the stores to receive short notices about new products and free gifts.

Still time to enter the raffle to win a L$250 gift card this Sunday!

*No one is allowed to resell LDizzy products. The LDizzy products are sold exclusively by the original creator (Dianna Voight) inworld or at marketplaces sites"